How are you choosing to live your life?

"Comparison is the thief of joy" - A YouTube video about social media.

I'd like to think that I'm okay with how my life is at the moment, and to a certain extent I am, but when you compare what other teenagers are going through it makes me feel as if I'm a background character in my own story. I know I'm not, but sometimes I wonder if I'm really living life to the fullest. Sure I might not be the most outgoing and sneak out to party, but I have plenty of interesting traits and quirks. I made my school's basketball team, high grades, caring friends, and I'm not really ashamed to be called the 'boring one'.

I'm not really sure how many people might relate to this …

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BIG or SMALL - It's still a MIRACLE!

These last 3 months have been the worst time of my life.

Things got worse when we found out Johanna’s melanoma staging went up to stage 3 last month when one lymph node removed tested positive for melanoma.

When we found out more about the cutting edge breakthroughs in melanoma treatment called immunotherapy, specifically a drug called Nivolumab. And it’s expensive at a cost of $180,000 for a year of treatment.

To just wait and see and let Johanna get worse to stage 4 to have the treatment funded is simply not an option (nor is another treatment offered that would have little effect and awful side affects) and so we are left with no real choice but to pay for the treatments, however way we can (loans, selling house, fundraising). So we wanted to initially raise $60,000 to cover 4 months worth of treatment, in hopes by then that health Canada will have approved it for stage 3.

We were planning to launch a Go Fund Me campaign but…

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You are not alone, let someone show you love.

I was 15 when I first thought about killing myself. I felt like a burden to those around me -- that I didn't bring anything special to the world. I blamed myself for being bullied during most of my childhood. For never fitting in. For the challenges in my family.

  • Melyssa Griffin (Top-ranked Pursuit With Purpose Podcast - Mindset coach + business strategist )

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