The Price for Freedom #trafficking #rescue #refugee #herostory


"two men who looked like giants to me were beating me while they dragged in two naked people. A man and a woman. Their faces were covered. The leader of the soldiers slapped me on my face while yelling:

"where is your father? where does he keep his work documents? If you don't answer we will find him and kill him and we kill all your family."

Then they took off the face covering of the two people they had dragged in and my heart sank. I was shocked to see my Uncle and Aunty who had been missing for 7 months. I cried for help and begged them to stop and then they just, just... killed them."

This is a short excerpt from Anitah's life story. She was able to share her story in several places in Africa when she was eventually rescued from her kidnappers by the Youths for Human Rights. After which she was registered as a refugee in Bunagana Congo and then later reconnected with the rest of her family who were in another refugee camp in Kampala, Uganda.

Today, Anitah and her siblings are students living and working in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Anitah has always remained in touch with several families and orphans that were rescued from similar situations that she faced which led to her launching an orphanage called Ufariji Centre.

She is currently trying to gain partnership to improve the living and feeding conditions of the children in her centre and she will be publishing her story in a book to be published sometime in the Fall.

Anitah and her siblings are working this summer as summer teachers in Bible clubs all across Manitoba. Check out their gofundme page here