Hello, I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring and do one of those instagrammers #fridayintroductions . *throws imaginary hat* 🎩 I'm Deirdre, and I'm the Story Girl. Everyone calls me Dee! (My name's a bit hard to pronounce)

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Some facts about me:
1. I'm actually a #hamont native who has been living overseas for a few years. Right now I'm super excited to be coming home for a few weeks this summer!!! Counting the weeks. :)

2. Without fail I'll always throw up the peace signs. You can tell I've been in Asia-ified! I've lived in Asia for almost 3 years and hope to go back soon.

3. If you asked me 5 years ago if I was artistic I would have replied with a strong, No! It's crazy how things have changed, and how handlettering and creativity has become such a huge part of my life. I'm always interested in handlettering commissions so if you ever want some custom work, send me an email!


4. I'm not an entrepreneur and I don't do the hustle hustle, buy my stuff, self promote etc. In fact I'm super bad at any sort of side business and I hate self promotion! Which is totally the reason why I've intentionally never talked about myself much. But I'm also learning to put myself out there more this year. I love to create things and share them with other people! I think we're all creative beings and I love seeing friends being authentic and chasing their dreams.. so I should let myself do the same. Handlettering is starting to grow beyond a little hobby for me and I love it.

5. I'm funny and silly.. I like to put people at ease with humour.


6. Lastly, and more importantly, my faith in Jesus Christ is the bedrock of my life. It shapes who I am every day and gives me joy and courage even through tough times.
Thanks for reading! have a great weekend! ❤️😘

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