A second lease in life - Jeremie Minani

My name is Jeremie Minani, and I was born in Rwanda, in a refugee camp called Kigeme; Born into a family broken by war and poverty. I remember as a five year old, building our home from mud...gathering dirt and water to make the walls, using a tarp as a roof and hay as a mattress; At seven witnessing the loss of my best friend to tribalism.

My siblings and I would wake at 5am to walk a 2 hour trip to fetch water for the house before heading to school.
And my mother, a woman orphaned at 14, leaving the house in the early mornings and coming home late at night with enough to feed us for the day. …..

The world as is, has been full of pain and suffering; however, though I do not know who you are, or what storms you’ve faced or will face, what I can confidently tell you, is what I’ve also found to be just as true if not truer; that You are carefully created and designed with greatness for greatness, your strength and potential is surely more than you could ever realize.

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